Special Offer for Ball in Cup (Double Ended Shear Beam) Load cell

QS Series (Ball in Cup Type, both Analog and Digital are compatible with Zemic HM9B and Keli QS load cell)


  • Alloy Steel, Nickel Plated
  • 4-wire shielded cable with 12 meter length

Rohs-1   ICON-CE

The Ball in Cup (Double Ended Shear Beam) Load cell is now in promotion for India and Pakistan.Please note that MOQ of 100pcs are required for each order. Unbelievable price of US$37/pc FOB Hong Kong.

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Please note the load cell is not certified but performance and specifications are the same as our standard double ended shear beam load cell.

Capacity Accuracy Part Number
30T C3 QS-C3-30T-SE
Accuracy Class C3 Temperature effect on Zero (%FS/10°C) 0.017
Rated Output (mV/V) 2.0±0.0002 Temperature, Compensated (°C) -10 ˜ +40
Combined Error (%FS) 0.02 Temperature Operating (°C) -35 ˜ 65
Non-Linearity (%FS) 0.017 Excitation, Max (V) 5-12 (DC)
Non-Repeatability (%FS) 0.02 Excitation, Permission (V) 18 (DC)
Creep (%FS/30min) 0.02 Safe Overload (%FS) 150
Input Resistance (Ω) 700±7 Ultimate Overload (%FS) 300
Output Resistance (Ω) 700±7 Protection Class IP65
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) ≥5000(50VDC) Cable Length (m) 12
Zero Balance (%FS) 1.5  Analog or Digital are both Available!
Temperature Effect on Span (%FS 10°C) 0.014 Compatible with Zemic HM9B and Keli QS load cell
 Special Offer Price for India. Contact Us for more details.


Double shear beam load cells are used to measure compressive forces. This type of load cell is a variation of the shear beam load cell, normally rated for higher loads. In double shear beam load cells, the force acts on the centre of the device. This makes double shear beam load cells less sensitive to uneven loading. The core element of the load cell is a spring element, consisting of a metal part that is elastically deformed under load and recovers when the force is no longer applied. This deformation or strain is picked up by strain gauges installed on the metal element and converted into an electrical signal. Double shear beam load cells contain two such spring elements and are calibrated for grams, kilograms or tons.


Double shear beam load cells are commonly found in heavy-load scales in the range of multiple tons and are thus most suitable for silo scales, container scales, vehicle scales and weighing frames. Double shear beam load cells are also used for force measurement in testing machines.


As double shear beam load cells are primarily used in industrial applications, they are designed to withstand adverse operating conditions and are generally rated IP67 or IP68. This means that the load cells are protected against dust ingress, splash water and even immersion (IP68 only). To identify the most suitable load cell for a particular application, the following parameters must be considered: rated load, limit or breaking load and minimum scale division for the calculation of the permissible tare weight. These specifications are found in the data sheet of the load cell. As load cells are generally impedance-trimmed (calibration of current output), multiple cells can be installed in parallel without the need for subsequent device calibration. In addition, most load cells are compatible with models from other manufacturers. Verifiable weighing equipment must of course be equipped with verifiable load cells.