Wheel Weigher AXW-110

Wheel Weigher AXW-110

Wheel Weigher AXW-110

Portable Wheel Weigher Axle Scales

AXW-30 in motion wheel weigher axle scale

The AXW Series or portable wheel weigher scales or axle scales; are designed to provide accurate vehicle weighing with a portable axle scale that can be moved by hand.  These unique axle scales are ideal for providing axle and total vehicle weights in a portable light weight form.  Choose from the multiple models available to find the axle scale that fits your application.


Axle Scale Construction

The AXW Series wheel weighers are built from a single piece of aluminum, providing lightweight portability and exceptional environmental protection.  These axle scales are designed for outdoor operation in the toughest of conditions, due to our engineered water protection design.  The aluminum construction is also ideal for extending the life of the scale system when compared to other steel based models on the market.

Wheel Weigher Terminal


AXW-110 Axle Scale

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The AXW-110 axle scale is designed for super heavy duty truck weighing with its 220,000 lb axle capacity.  This axle scale is also designed to be used off-road with its integrated base system.  You can now weigh your trucks in firm earth or gravel foundations, without the need for a concrete or asphalt base.  These scale systems are ideal for extremely tough conditions with heavy truck loads.

Capacity: 220,000 Lbs per axle

Resolution: 200 Lbs

Static accuracy: 1%



Light weight aluminum construction – Integrated grip handle – Portable base – Rechargeable battery operation – Outdoor rated – Removable ramps – Touch screen weighing terminal – Integrated printer – PC software interface – USB interface – Simple operation – Static weighing mode – In-motion weighing mode



In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

The in-motion weighing mode allows for the weighing of your vehicles dynamically or in-motion.  The in-motion weighing option speeds up the weighing process by allowing for you to weigh your vehicles without stopping to weigh each axle.  Protect yourself from overload fines by operating your AXW portable axle scales in-motion.  This option simplifies the weighing operation and allows you to weigh all of your vehicles to protect yourself from expensive overload fines.

Stop Overload Fines

View the short clip “In-Motion Operation”


Simple Portable Truck Scale Operation

Off-Road Use

Some of our AXW wheel axle weighers are designed to be used off-road or without the need for a concrete or asphalt base.  These models are ideal for applications that require portability and accurate vehicle weights.

AXW Models designed for off-road use

AXW-45, AXW-110


Image of Roll Off Scale System